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North station (Estación del Norte)

North station (Estación del Norte of map) began in 1852, when it was decided the construction of the railway line of the Saragossa-Barcelona. The competition was won by the same railway company,received for the construction of the terminal station land, owned previously a military Fort PIO and the Citadel. The construction of the line lasted for almost 10 years, and the station building began to build closer to its end. Work under the direction of engineer Pen Puigdollers (Pere Andrés Puigdollers) began in 1861, the opening took place on 21 may 1862. At the same time the station got its current name.

Barcelona. North station. Estació del Nord, panorama

At the beginning of the new century the building was reconstructed in 1910 above the track was built the roof on a steel frame, and in 1912 was updated facade. The project is designed by Demetrio Ribes (Demetrio Ribes), the author of the station of Estacion Norte in Valencia. In 1941, the railroads of Spain were nationalised and the station was renamed Barcelona-Vilanova (RENFE Barcelona-Vilanova).

Barcelona. North station. panorama. Estació del Nord

In 1972 a decision was made to close the station, as most of the passenger traffic went through the big station Estacion de Francia (Estación de Francia), opened in 1929. The last train from platform Estacion Norte went to Madrid at 10 PM on September 23, 1972.

Barcelona. North station. panorama. Estació del Nord

After the building was abandoned for more than 10 years, while the administration of Barcelona RENFE bought the building with the surrounding area. The authorities planned to use the building as intercity bus terminal, but the project was not implemented. In 1987, the use of the old station is found the organizing Committee of the Olympic games in Barcelona, proposing to use it as a sports arena for table tennis. The work was carried out under the direction of architects Enric and Josep Touza Frags (Enric Tous, Josep Maria Fargas), the project included the landscaping of the adjacent territory, where he defeated a Park scultor artist Beverly pepper. In November 1991, a new sports facility has taken the world Cup Team in table tennis. After the Olympics, in November 1902, the bus station was still open, taking the left wing of the building, and a tennis stadium became municipal athletic complex.

Barcelona. North station. Estació del Nord

currently in the vicinity of the station formed a hub consisting of intercity bus, subway station Estación de Arco de Triunfo, where the three lines and stations regional rail lines R12 l'hospitalet - Lleida In place of the sidings North of the station also built a stadium, belonging to the municipal sports complex.

Barcelona. Fort Pienc stadium